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Booking.com Traveller Review Awards 2021

With great pleasure and great pride, this year we received the “Booking. Com Traveler Review Awards 2021”, a coveted award that Booking.com gives to the properties that have received the best reviews from customers and that have distinguished themselves most for the quality of its offer and the ability to maintain the advertised level of service.

How summer 2020 will be like at the Hotel Etoile des Neiges

While you are thinking about holidays, we have organized ourselves to make you live in total relaxation and safety!

It doesn’t seem true, but we can finally reopen and we have decided on a date! If there are no other news, we will open on June 26 in total safety.

Alta Valsusa, in spring the Saracen gallery reopens

A few years ago, on these pages, I would recite the de profundis for the Seguret gallery (or the Saracens) and the military route 79 of the Pramand. It had just been closed to transit by the Turin Military Engineers Command, because it threatened to crash, with serious damage to the transit of cars, motorcycles or pedestrians. There was the threat – real, it was not just a rumor – that the military, then owners of the rolling stock, wanted to close the tunnel forever by making it shine with the mines. Thus protecting itself from any responsibility.